Home Sweet Hotel

The art of being a perfect host starts with making your guests feel at home. An exquisitely comfortable bed, a practical place to work and a chair or sofa luxurious enough to make a hard day melt away. BoConcept Business will help you make every guest feel valued, welcome and at home.

Great Living Koukaki— Koukaki, Athens, Greece


Creating a concept based on the history of the site near the Acropolis, combined with simple but distinctive design lines within a specific budget.


Fantastic apartments where you can feel the energy of the area and live the story in a warm and comfortable atmosphere with all the comforts. Natural materials were used, dominated by white and blue color, as well as BoConcept's smart minimal multifunctional design. The combination of lighting and decorative objects perfectly complements the atmospheric effect.


Concept Creation & Identity

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with detailed 3D design/CGI

Delivery & Assembly

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Sonnenburg Hotel— Riezlern, Austria


We wanted BoConcept to create a feel-good atmosphere in combination with the existing, traditional environment.


We used warm fabrics, materials and cosy shapes to create a private atmosphere for the whole project RIEZLERN, AUSTRIA

Ronald McDonald House— Graz, Austria


The rooms are used for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, and therefore we were faced with special needs in relation to the interior decoration and design of the rooms. We were not allowed to use fabrics – all upholstered furniture had to be leather, which enables easier cleaning. Further, the Ronald McDonald House theme ‘Forest’ had to be incorporated into the solution, serving to create a home-like feeling and atmosphere for the children and their parents from day one.


Together with the architects we succeeded in creating a colour concept consisting of the existing BoConcept leather colours and a few easy-to-clean fabrics. We chose Nordic style furniture, matching the ‘Forest’ theme, and the Danish BoConcept look was a perfect match for the house.

Rotana Downtown Hotel— Kingdom of Bahrain


The hotel is located in the centre of Bahrain near all shopping malls and big companies/banks. It is a great place to stay for business travellers and families for holidays. The lobby had to be welcoming in terms of colours. Further, it had to be practical for different types of guests and heavy luggage.


The lobby has different corner, area and column types, so we decided to make use of these in our design of the different zones and lounge areas. This way, we were able to meet the needs of all guest types. We used many sofa and armchair types in these areas to create privacy. We did not use any partitions or big objects to block the areas. We used the Carlton sofa in Estoril leather in the main lounge area next to the main road with a marble table as business/formal theme. We used Fly chairs in black Prato and a Fargo sofa in Estoril leather in a corner area. For the lounge area on the other side of the lobby, we used Carmo in black Estoril and Sazza fabric as comfort/family lounge mixed with Bermuda footstools in Rimini fabric. Finally, for the coffee shop we used Ogi chairs in leather, thereby making use of as much space as possible in the lobby, without making it ‘too crowded’. All colours/materials were in grey and beige.

Hotel Cosmos Insignia— Bogotá, Colombia


The customer and architects working on this project were looking for a combination of modern style and functionality in all rooms. The architects were searching for great design with the possibility of customization. Another criteria was that the interior should be high quality design furniture with high durability.


A design proposal was made for different rooms offering a complete integrated solution that fits the concept of the hotel. To meet the modern style while simultaneously making the most out of the space, the Melo sofa bed was chosen. Both the Melo sofa bed and the chosen armchairs were delivered in the Sazza fabric that qualifies as a long lasting fabric.

Evano House, Business Club— Berlin, Germany

Muse Club— Shanghai, China



Our client’s guideline was to create a space, suitable for luxury accommodation for the high end executive traveller. We had to take into consideration, the architecture of building, as well as the strict delivery deadlines, for both projects.


The BOCONCEPT team, has worked in close collaboration with the owners of the two apartments. We have specified, in our furniture proposals, all the items necessary to fulfill our client’s expectations, so as for them to be able to provide the best hospitality services with the highest standards. With a minimal approach, we have wisely chosen surfaces, textures and fabrics, that highlight the interior of a unique building, and create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, that welcomes the visitor to a journey of luxurious serenity. We have used combinations, of product ranges such as our classic piece Indivi sofa with Lugo coffee tables, or the Miami sofa with the pillow-like forms and pared down details combined with the Madrid coffee tables which are distinguished for their beautiful floating design. The comfortable and elegant, swiveling armchairs, Reno and Ogi, upholstered in fabric, complete the look of the living rooms, and invite the guest to relax and enjoy their stay.